Radha Dhaka

Anna Austin Modelling paste is a very unique product which has the rare characteristics that makes figure modelling a very pleasant experience. The Figurines made out of the paste, holds the shape yet does not dry hard like gumpaste or fondant. You can blend pieces of the modeling paste without fear of seams. Just a damp finger or Dresden tool will take care of it. The flavour is pleasant orange. Kids are going to love figurines made of this paste. It is like eating a soft textured orange flavoured candy. You can preserve it for a long time as it is resistant to heat and humidity.
VAJRA was my attempt of making a life-like tyrannosaurus, the famous T-Rex. It was made for the Cake Masters India stand at Cakeology 2019 in Mumbai. It's 6 feet tall and 15 feet wide. The entire structure of VAJRA made using rice krispy treats and modelling chocolate was entirely covered with Anna Austin's Modelling paste. It was specifically chosen after several trials using different pastes and fondant which will stand the climate of Mumbai with heavy rains and will also allow me the liberty to play with the textures. I was working on the textures on the whole body for about 3 days and it did give me all the time I needed to work on it, yet the surface was dry to the touch and not sticky even in an open space without AC.
This is by far the most magical modelling paste I have ever used. Hats off to Anna and Team Sugarin for coming up with it.

Subhashini Ramsingh

Hima Bindu

Anna's modeling paste is simply amazing to work with. The texture is smooth and silky, and the most amazing quality is how well it blends so that one can achieve a seamless look, which is so important in modeling. The fact that is stands up beautifully to humidity is a total boon for people living in humid areas.
The flavour and taste is also quite pleasant.
All in all, a total winner! Congratulations Anna and Sugarin for coming up with this fantastic product!

Arati Mirji

Hima Bindu

We have real surge in production some days. So much so that I am usually under the pump , with calculated time each figurine to go on each order . I have tested Annas modeling paste in Room with AC Room without AC Excessive humidity when it's pouring outside Normal days It HOLDS up every single time . It takes a little understanding how this paste works . If there's someone who has worked with polymer clay will probably find the consistency very very similar . This edible medium let's you to go back and redo your corrections without the issue of it drying out too early . It can be used very well for smudging in for bas relief . It's a dream ! And no this is not because Anna and Mayur are friends . Sure are . But one must laud good product , what makes our community thrive with the best

Poonam Maria Prem

Hima Bindu

Anna Austin's Modeling paste by Sugarin - Got a chance to use Anna Austin's modeling p aste, and let me say, super happy about the paste. The moment I sat to do these figures, the rain came crashing and of course, thunder. Followed, the electricity went off. Panic slowly started to kick in, (the life of a cake decorator), rain and no AC, how will I make these figures, let alone survive this weather. Well, seen how Anna's paste survived in Cakeology Mumbai weather, I felt better. TASTE - First when I opened the packet was a very appealing citrusy smell. Next I tasted the paste and Walla! , a paste that tastes good. TEXTURE - Next was the texture, very light and non-sticky. I didn't had to use shortening or cornstarch to condition and colour my paste, remember it's raining cats and dogs outside and no AC. Started making and finished the animals in record time and decided to check the reference picture the customer send and Oops!, made a monkey instead of a bear. I was able to redo the figure from the same paste and smooth the joints with no issues. HUMIDITY- And then I thought I will make the leaves and #1 with the same paste. Made them and left them overnight. No AC, No lamp , No electricity. Next day, the figures where exactly how I left them and the leaves firm enough to put on cake and flexible to adjust the shape. My conclusion, finally a modeling paste that tastes good, impeccable texture and can withstand Kerala humidity. Thank you Anna and Mayur for coming out with this paste, it is like a Cake decorator's prayer answerd and a dream come true.

Anna Gigi Joseph

Hima Bindu

Modelling paste is just awesome , it’s almost like an edible polymer clay or terracota clay , which we can add on and on .. blends super easily and seam less , tastes citrusy and smells amazing .. this product will be a game changer for sugar modelling .. for a person like me who is still amateur in human modelling, we tend to make mistakes and with this paste .. it’s like a blessing , can rectify my mistakes so easily can’t thnq enough for creating such a wonderful product and making our lives easy When I used to make figures earlier , I always used to think wish we have something that works like a clay which blends easily , and now u have created it just the way I used to imagine something I wanted

Sindhura Vasudev