Usual mediums used in edible modelling like chocolate and sugar paste are constantly at the mercy of the elements and wilt at the slightest deviation from the prescribed temperature or humidity. It is the constant search to this malady that made me reach out for something that is easy to mould, manage and shape. A paste that can be mended at any stage but at the same time maintains its integrity to keep a petite figurine lively and keep the bounciness of a flowing skirt intact.

This edible starch based product is resistant to humidity and can hold its shape perfectly well even for the tiniest finger or the luscious flow of a head of curls. In case of any breakage it is super easy to mend and blend with just a little bit of water. To put it insimpler terms, it’s a breakthrough innovation which will help you to make edible dolls, figurines or pretty much any shape that requires finesse to adorn your special cakes for those special occasions.