Ideal for moulded, wired or free standing figurines and covering structured cakes.

How to work with the paste?

Knead the paste into pliable consistency before shaping them into desired shapes or rolling them into thin sheets for covering the cakes. Rub shortening (Margarine) on your palm to prevent the paste from getting sticky. The paste easily blends with few drops of water.

How much time will it take to dry?

The figurine will set according to the prevailing climatic conditions. It doesn’t sag like the other mediums and will retain the moulded shape. However, it remains flexible for a long period;lending it easierfor corrections.

How to colour the paste?

Gel concentrate and Dust shades could be kneaded into the paste to attain the required shade. Edible paints may be used to paint over the finished piece.


Wrap the unused paste in a cling film and keep it in a Zip lock pouch. The paste have a shelf life of 24months in the sealed packets. Once opened please use it within 6 months.